Spectra LL300S Self-Leveling Laser SPELL300 with Full Set

Features and Benefits

  • Range up to 3,000 feet
  • Accuracy ±1/16 inch at 100 feet
  • Self-leveling
  • Dual grade to ±10% horizontal and -0.5 to +25% vertical
  • Automatic axis alignment and temperature compensation
  • Grade matching and PlaneLok
  • Dual, large alphanumeric display
  • Fully-sealed aluminum housing

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Product Description

Overview for the CTO-GL722 GL722 Dual Grade Laser Without Infrared Beam

The Spectra GL722 is a self-leveling construction laser with dual grade capability, automatic axis alignment, grade matching, PlaneLok, and full radio remote functions. With an operating range of up to 3,000 feet, the GL722 also includes a CR600 laser receiver and remote control. With the same range and base capabilities as the Spectra GL720, the GL722 laser level has an X-axis grade range of +/-10 % and -0.5% to +25% in the Y-axis. Grade match allows you to automatically match and display an existing grade, while PlaneLok virtually eliminates beam drift by locking the laser beam to a fixed elevation for increased stability and accuracy.

Automatic axis alignment enables construction professionals to align the GL722 to within +/-40° of the desired axis to easily perform axis alignments in general construction, site preparation, road construction, and machine control. You can also mount this device vertically or horizontally on a 5/8-11 tripod. The included CR600 laser receiver can be used as a handheld or rod mounted laser receiver for a wide range of applications, such as measuring cut and fill, leveling forms and footers, setting grade and measuring elevation changes. It can also be used for machine control with the magnetic mount for use on a backhoe, small excavator, box blade or skid steer loader.

The GL722 laser level offers automatic temperature compensation for accuracy within environmental changes. With two-way communication between the Spectra GL722 laser and its remote control, you can now change the grade and read measurement information from afar. It also features grade bump for raising or lowering the grade remotely and grade reverse that mirrors the grade setting with the push of a button. With fully sealed aluminum housing and protective lens hood, the GL722 allows you to work in all weather conditions. This grade slope laser uses NiMH batteries and offers flexible power options, battery life indicator, and a wirelessly operated sleep mode that saves power.

Configuration Options

The Spectra GL722 Dual Grade Laser has an optional infrared beam. Please select from the drop-down menu above.

  • CTO-GL722: With CR600 Receiver & RC703 Remote Control
  • CTO-GL722IR: With CR600 Receiver, RC703 Remote Control, & Infrared Beam Laser for rail work where red beams are not allowed on a live track
     Included Radio Remote control is easier to use because it does not have to be aimed at the laser for it to work. This increases the flexibility of the laser for long-range setups while maintaining outstanding accuracy.
     Grade Match enables contractors to measure an unknown grade value automatically between two elevation points.
     Horizontal Axis PlaneLok keeps the laser beam fixed to a receiver in a set position, making it accurate and error free.

     Automatic Axis Alignment provides the benefit of simultaneously aligning two axes at 90 degrees to each other.

     Active Temperature Compensation gives accurate, stable results regardless of temperature changes.


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