Used Trimble S5 Total Station With Full Set

Package Includes with Accessories.
  • 360° Prism and Pole
  • 2 Battery and Charger Set
  • Everything you need to perform survey campaigns
  • Accuracy 2″
  • Measure further and faster with the Trimble DR Plus EDM
  • Locate2 Protect real-time equipment monitoring and Trimble In Sphere equipment management
  • Complete field-to-office solution for quick data capture and processing

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Product Description

Trimble S5 Total Station Provides Millimeter Accuracy for Monitoring Applications.

Trusted Performance
All you need to perform efficient surveying campaigns is available in the Trimble S5 Total Station Solution. An Accurate and reliable instrument. DR Plus EDM, MagDrive Technology with Trimble Access Field Software on your choice of Trimble data collector and quick data processing with Trimble Business Center Office Software.

Trimble has been manufacturing the industry leading robots total stations for over a decade. You can depends on the Trimble S5 Total Station to keep you productive in the field no matter what you encounter.

Robotic Total Station Kit Includes:

  • Trimble S5 Robot
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • TSC3 w/Radio and Trimble Access – Good Condition
  • Robotic Power Kit: 2 Batteries and Charger
  • MT1000 with Battery – Good Condition
  • Calibration Certificate

Key Features
> Everything You need to perform survey campaign
> Measure Further and Faster with the Trimble DR Plus EDM
> Trimble L2P real time location information
> Seamless Integration with Imaging Rover and GNSS receivers
> Intuitive Trimble Access Field Software
> Trimble Business Center Office Software For Quick Data Processing

Trimble Technology

The Trimble S5 Total Station is built upon proven Trimble technologies like SurePoint MagDrive and our DR Plus EDm, helping you work more efficiently while maintaining the highest accuracy possible. Smooth and Silent Trimble MagDrive Electro-magnetic Technology means fewer moving parts.

Trimble SurePoint ensures accurate pointing and measurements like wind, handing and sinkage. The Trimble DR Plus EDm allows you to measure with fewer instrument set upds and enhance your direct reflex performance .

The Trimble S5 Total Station are available in robotic or Autolock versions.

Operate remotely at any jobsite.

Built on proven Trimble technologies, including Trimble® MagDrive™, SurePoint™, and the DR Plus EDM, the Trimble S5 robotic total station is efficient and dependable while maintaining high accuracy.

TRIMBLE S5 TOTAL STATION | Key Specifications
With advanced optics ensuring highly accurate data capture, you can trust the Trimble S5 to get the job done right the first time with no rework.



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