Tribrach With Optical Plummet

Tribrach With Optical Plummet

  • FITS ALL  5/8 x 11 Thread
  • 360° Rotating  Adapter
  • 1pcs x Black Tribrach with optical plummet
  • 1pcs x Black 360° Rotating  Adapter


Product Description

Overview for the 705-02 Twist Focus Tribrach With Optical Plummet

The Tribrach Twist Focus Tribrach 705-00 comes with a robust optical plummet that requires a little adjustment. Secure your optical and surveying equipment, thanks to the standard 5/8″ x 11 thread on the Tribrach 705-00.

The tribrach offers an optical plummet with 2.5x magnification twist focus and a focusing range of 1.5-50′ (0.5-15 m). The Tribrach 705-01 comes in three colors: all-black (705-01), yellow-on-black (705-02) or green (705-03). Whichever color you choose, the Tribrach Twist Focus Tribrach gives you three-pronged forced centering and has an 8-minute circular vial incorporated nicely onto the side of the tribrach frame.

The three-foot screws have a large diameter so you do not have to remove your gloves to smoothly adjust the tribrach. Meeting international standards, the Tribrach 705-00 has been calibrated, aligned and torsion-tested. It weighs 1.85 lb (0.84 kg) and can be used in dusty, humid, hot and cold conditions without issue.

Get the assured rigidity of the Tribrach Twist Focus Tribrach with Optical Plummet 705-00 for more accurate measurements.

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