Used Nikon NPL 352 5″ Total Station With Full Set

Included Accessories

• Heavy Duty Wooden Tripod
• Prism With Pole
• 1 Battery and Charger Set

Features and Benefits

• Angular Accuracy of 5″
• Single-Prism Range 2000 m
• Reflectorless With reflector sheet (5 x 5cm) 5m to 100m
• Lumi-Guide Visible range Over 100m
• Memory 128KB internal and External card drives
• Focusing range 1.3m
• Operating system MS-DOS® compatible
• Operating temperature range : –20°C ~ +50°C
• Continuous operation time : 7.5 hours

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Product Description


±(3+2ppm x D)mm distance measurement accuracy

Same distance accuracy for both Prisms and Reflector Sheet

Just 1.6 sec. measuring time with 1mm distance resolution

5-second angle measurement accuracy

Quick and convenient feature code input system

USR user defined keys set as “ONE-TOUCH access” keys to your preferred functions

User customizable feature code list

First, on-site setting change capability

Feet & Inch input and display

A special version of the DTM-352 that allows operation at extremely low temperatures down to -30°C is available.


Model DTM-362, DTM-352, DTM-332
Tube Length 158mm/6.22 in.
Magnification 33x (21x/41x with optional eyepieces)
Effective diameter of objective 45mm/1.77 in. (EDM: 50mm/1.97 in.)
Field of view 1°20′
Resolving power 2.5″
Minimum focusing distance 1.3m/4.26 ft.
Range with Nikon specified prisms
Normal conditions (Ordinary haze, visibility approx. 20km/12.5 miles)
With reflector sheet
(5 x 5cm)
5 to 100m (16.4 to 328 ft.)
With mini prism 1,000m/3,280 ft.
With single prism 2,000m/6,560 ft
With triple prism 2,600m/8,530 ft.
Good conditions (No haze, visibility of over 40km/25 miles)
With mini prism 1,200m/3,930 ft.
With single prism 2,300m/7.540 ft.
With triple prism 3,000m/9,840 ft.
Accuracy (Prism/Precise mode) ±(3+2ppm x D)mm
±(3+3ppm x D)mm(-20°C to -10°C, +40°C to +50°C
Measuring interval*1
Precise mode 1.6 sec. (initial 1.6 sec.)
Normal mode 1.0 sec. (initial 1.4 sec.)
Least count
Precise mode 1mm/0.002 ft.
Normal mode 10mm/0.02 ft.
Ambient temperature
-20°C to 50°C/-4°F to +122°F
Atmospheric correction
Temperature range -40°C to 60°C/-40°F to +140°F
Barometric pressure 400 to 999mmHg/533 to

1,332hPa/15.8 to 39.3 in.Hg

Prism offset -999 to 999
Angle measurement
Reading system Photoelectric detection by incremental encoder
Horizontal angle Diametrical(DTM-362/352),


Vertical angle Single
Minimum increment
(Degree, Gon, MIL6400)
Degree: 1/5/10″, Gon: 0.2/1/2mgon,

MIL6400: 0.005/0.02/0,05mil

DIN 18723 accuracy
(horizontal and vertical)
5″/1.5mgon (3″/1.0mgon:DTM-362)
Tilt sensor
Type Dual-axis(DTM-362/352),


Method Liquid-electric detection
Compensation range ±3′
Setting accuracy 1″
Level vial
Plate level vial 30″/2mm
Circular level vial 10’/2mm
Optical plummet
Magnification 3x
Focusing range 0.5m/1.6 ft. to ∞
Display Graphic LCD (128 x 64 dot)
Both sides(DTM-362/352),Single side(DTM-332)
Point memory 10,000 records
Dimensions (W x D x H) 168 x 173 x 335mm/6.6 x 6.8 x 13.2 in.
Weight (approx.)
Main unit (with battery) 5.3kg/11.7 lbs.(DTM-362/352),
5.2kg/11.5 lbs.(DTM-332)
Battery 0.4kg/0.9 lbs
Carrying case 2.4kg/5.3 lbs
On-board Ni-MH battery
Operation time
Continuous distance/angle
Approx. 16 hours*3
measurement every 30 seconds
Approx. 27 hours
Angle measurement Approx. 30 hours
Battery charger for BC-80/65 Approx. 2.0 hours for full recharge
Quick charger Q-70C (12V DC cigarette lighter charger) Approx. 2.0 hours (fully discharged BC-65 requires more than one charge)



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