LR20 Laser Receiver NiMH(LR20)

Features and Benefits

  • 8-in., 360-degree laser reception provides increased working area and range
  • Polycarbonate housing and elastomer over-molding provides rugged durability for years of reliable use
  • Super bright grade display with green “on-grade”
  • LEDs provides superior depth/elevation indication
  • Push button setup for ease of use and application flexibility
  • Powered by NiMH batteries
  • LR20-1 package includes compact magnetic mount

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Product Description

Compact Receiver for Compact Machinery

The Spectra Precision® LR20 laser receivers allow compact machines to achieve tighter tolerances without the need for a grade checker. Now smaller machines can be more productive while improving accuracy and saving material usage costs.

Designed specifically for the cost-conscious site prep contractor, these receivers offer a very attractive return on investment by improving the productivity and material usage costs of compact machines. From simple depth and slope display to elevation control, you can broaden the scope of job applications and very easily move the laser receivers across their fleet of compact machines.

These rugged units can be easily moved from machine to machine with features and setup options for multiple applications and specifications. The 360-degree laser reception height ensures maximum laser control across the site.

The LR20 Laser Machine Display Receiver is as a standalone display receiver for mini excavators, backhoes and scrapers, skid steer attachments, box blades, pulled scrapers and small dozers. It is powered by NiMH batteries.


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