Spectra Precision HV101 Self-Leveling Laser Level

Features and Benefits

• LL500 Laser Level
• HL700 Receiver with Adapter C70
• 4 x D-Cell Alkaline Batteries
• 1046-4750S Carrying Case
• Operating Manual

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Overview for Spectra Precision HV101 Self-Leveling Laser

The Spectra Precision HV101 Self-Leveling Laser has 100 feet interior range that extends up to 1,000 feet when used with a laser receiver.  It has an accuracy rate of ±1/8 inches at 100 feet and self-levels within ±5 degrees. The HV101 laser level can be mounted on a tripod either vertically or horizontally and includes a plumb reference point, making it perfect for acoustical ceiling and drywall installation. It is also great for interior squaring, vertical, and 90-degree layout, along with any other indoor finishing work.

The Spectra HV101 laser level features four rotation speeds: 0, 50, 200, and 600 RPMs, plus five preset angles for fast setup. It also works well outdoors with septic tank installation or other elevation transfer work, as well as short-range general construction aligning and leveling.

The included RC601 remote control offers scanning, speed, and alignment controls for fast one person setups. It allows the single-axis manual slope matching feature to be used up to 100 feet away from the laser.

The Spectra HV101 automatic self-leveling laser is water-resistant and maintains accuracy even after a three-foot drop. If it has knocked out of level, the beam and rotation automatically shut off and a red LED light flashes. This Spectra Precision laser comes with two D-cell alkaline batteries that provide up to 50 hours of continuous use and its LED light flashes red to indicate low battery power.

Configuration Options

The optional Spectra HR150U is a general-purpose universal laser receiver that effectively detects red, infrared, or green beam rotary laser levels. It features a three-channel dual-sided LCD display that can be easily seen indoors or outdoors.


The Spectra HV101 also has an optional HR320 laser receiver that features two on-grade sensitivities – fine and coarse. It has dual LCD displays and a 90-degree reception angle. Please select your preference from the menu above.

  • HV101: Laser Only
  • HV101-4: Starter Kit Interior(HV101)
  • HV101GC-1: Professional Version Interior(HV101-4)
  • HV101GC-2: General Construction Package(HV101-GC-Pack)
     Shock Proof ensures this construction laser withstands three feet drop onto concrete.
     Included Infrared Remote control allows the laser to be sloped whilst remaining self-leveled in the cross axis. This is ideal for grade matching when working on driveways or patios.
     90 Degree Layout provides all the references required for a wide variety of interior applications including wall layout and installation, acoustic ceiling installation, point transfer, and tile layout.
     A hard-shelled, portable System Case is available to house the laser, receiver, clamp, tripod, and grade rod.




HV101 General Construction Package(HV101-GC-Pack), HV101 Professional Version Interior(HV101-4), HV101 Starter Kit Interior(HV101)

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